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Music Mondays on a Tuesday – What Inspires – Gil Scott Heron

” A junkie walkin through the twilight. I’m on my way home. I left three days ago but no one seems to know I’m gone. Home is where the hatred is. Home is filled with pain. And it might not be such a bad idea if I never, never went home again.”

Gil Scott-Heron was an activist, poet, singer, thinker and the god father of hip hop. Today we listen to his music with no nostalgia. He sung of the changing America, where your freedoms aren’t free. He sung of laws that were put in place to help the people it in turn harmed. He sang and wrote and performed all over the world but we don’t listen to his music in nostalgia. Things are still happening. Wars are still being fought. Crimes are still going unpunished. We listen to his music of protest with a quiet sadness.

Why is this still happening? 

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