About Lingra Nigra

Alicia Goodwin of Lingua Nigra Jewelry

Have you ever felt like you were "born creative"? Well life long creator Alicia Goodwin has. Since childhood Alicia has been using her hands to create unique items for herself, her friends and even her elementary school teachers.

Since graduating from the State University of New York's Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in both Fashion Design and Jewelry Design in 2003, Alicia has been able to create her own unique jewelry while also consulting for design houses in New York City.

Alicia founded Lingua Nigra in 2003 by creating organic, unique jewelry she and her friends would want to wear everyday. The jewelry she creates is personal and meaningful. Each piece is designed in her Brooklyn studio and all items are sourced and produced locally in the United States. Each item is lovingly assembled in Brooklyn, NY.

What is Lingua Nigra? What does Lingua Nigra mean?

This is a question that comes up again and again. If you know Alicia, you will know her love of anything medically macabre. After trying to find a suitable name for her line, she came across a little known medical condition called "Lingua Villosa Nigra", which means "Black Hairy Tongue". Not only is it a great conversation starter, she also thought it would be somewhat memorable and also fitting with the quasi Victorian - organic feel that the jewelry conveys.