Custom Jewelry

When time permits we LOVE to create custom jewelry for you! Our specialty are wedding/ceremonial bands in our signature etched texture. Please reach out if you think we would be the right fit for creating what you might like. Please do know a few things about custom orders:

- All custom orders, no matter the scope of the project, require a $500 deposit. The deposit is refundable only if no work has been done. Once work has started and we have started creating, the deposit will be put towards the final price of the piece.

- Orders are taken on a rolling basis, meaning there will be times when we are really slammed with production and might say yes, but the timeline will be longer than expected.

- Most custom orders take 1-3 months to complete, mainly because we are juggling several things at once. After a client fills out the custom order form, etc., we will let you know a better date of completion.

- Custom items, such as wedding bands or rings made from a loved one's jewelry will be taken on a case by case basis. Our studio is small, but we will always try our best to accommodate a request. If we can't, please know we will always suggest one of our amazing jewelry partners! Most items of this scope start at $1,000 and that is for a very basic change or basic design of a ring. 

- Please be aware of your own budget and time line before reaching out. We try to be transparent on here, but also know that even answering a string of questions takes up a bit of time. Please research and have what you are willing to spend in mind. Please also know that gold is very expensive and might not be an option, but there is always sterling silver or lower karat gold. 

Here are some favorite projects from the past with some great clients: