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Friday Favorites – Pieces I Just Adore (I’m biased!)

Not a lot of people know that I originally decided to study jewelry design so I could make my own body jewelry. Yes. Nothing more, nothing less. I was young and decided to stretch my ears because I felt that culturally, that’s the way they should be. I felt really comfortable with modifying my body in ways that are uncommon to Western ideals but throughout the rest of the world is seen as a sign of beauty. 

In college I created a few pieces, including my devil nut ear weights, which I still sell to this day and a few spacers/stretchers. Because the body jewelry market isn’t huge for me, I’ve strayed away but always love making a new piece. This beauty came out last year and I love that it’s light enough to wear as multiples or alone for a very light stretch. 

What do you think about body jewelry? I hope to expand my line a little more, as I do miss creating these beauties!

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