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Friday Favorites – Pieces I Just Adore ( really, it’s everything)

“Good Luck” is a phrase many of us have said to each other or ourselves at least once in our lives. sometimes we say it without a second thought, not thinking of the actual good fortune we might already have or have been given.  Good luck is something we all want and would love to give to others,right? The symbol or talisman for good luck or fortune is as old as time. From the horseshoe to a lucky clover, every culture has their own form of lucky symbol. Since I’m a fan of the victorian era, I’m a fan of the Mano Fica. The name is Italian, but the origin is purely African Diasporic. The term literally means “fig hand” and was used as an obscene gesture, but with the thumb in between the two fingers of the fist it can also be used to ward off the evil eye, something that definitely does not bring good luck. I love the history of this talisman and try to collect them whenever I find one at a flea market or antique jewelry store. 

Inspired by the fica, I found some vintage ficas of my own and decided to create this lovely necklace. 

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