The shop is open!Most items ship in 5-7 business days after ordering.

Spring/ Summer "Pre Sale" - ship mid august - end of august


This "Pre Sale" will last 7 days, so please don't feel super rushed to buy anything. Limited items will be listed as such, please know a lot of these styles might not make it to the mainstream website, no pressure (bwhaaa)!


Hey yall! I'm having a Pre Sale of all of these amazing things that have been living in my head for years and I finally got time to make a produce!

Please know that because this is a presale, things will ship out mid August, meaning around August 15th. If I'm able to produce things quicker, they will ship out a few weeks from now, but please keep in mind things will ship out August 15 till the end of August. If you are moving, going out of town, etc, please make sure your ship date reflects this, as once something ships, it's out of my control as to where it might end up if the address is incorrect. 

Please (please!) try not to email me about the ship date or when your order might ship, I am one person making all of these things and things truly do take time. If you order another item that is not part of this release, it will ship sooner in a separate shipment.

Take a look at the photos and also feel free to email me with questions about the work. I took photos of everything but didn't do a full on shoot, as many items won't be made after this special preview.

I'm very excited to show this new work that has been brewing in my mind for close to a year and I truly appreciate everyone who has been supporting my work over the years.


Just because it's a presale doesn't mean you can't return it. Please check my return policy, as it always applies to everything on the site (except custom orders!).