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@rchive M@rket


Thank you for your patience!

I hope you find something you love during this rare occasion where you will be able to shop very vintage Lingua Nigra, one of a kind items and a few samples that didn't make the cut.

Please be sure to read this info (as it might disappear!)

- all items are final sale. Buy it and don't like it? Gift it or try selling it on a secondhand market like Poshmark. We won't be accepting returns, so please think about your purchase, we are trying to lessen our load over here!

- the plating colors will be different (and it's alright!) - individually each item will be gold plated but because a lot of these items were plated at different times, the plating color will vary, please know this. We will not be matching plating colors when you order. 

- a lot of items are made to order. We have a LOT of bits and pieces and have samples that we have shot photos with. We don't want to make extras until they are sold, So please be patient, the ship time will be between 2-5 weeks (think end of March). If you need it for a certain time, just email us and we will 100% try to get it to you in time. 

- We don't have a lot of boxes, so you might get one box or bag with a lot of items, but it will still be packaged nicely! Everything will be on cards and wrapped in tissue paper with a complimentary muslin bag. 

- Please read the description for important info, don't just look at the photos (but please look, this took foreverrrrr)

- Have fun scrolling! This is our first "market" of this kind and trust us, it will not be the last, we have so much to share!!

Thank you for reading and enjoy the M-@rket!!!