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Thanks for a Fabulous 2015!!!

Hi wonderful people!

On this last day of 2015 I just want to say thanks. Thanks for supporting me, even if that means liking something on Facebook, “hearting” something on the Instagrams or leaving a nice compliment. Every little thing counts. 

I would like to say thank you for helping my little company, Lingua Nigra grow little by little. I have big plans and not enough hours in the day to execute them all!

Before I start on those plans, I’d like to say what your support (financial and otherwise) helped me and my team do this year (and the years before 2015)

– Lingua Nigra was able to send over $800 for victims of the Haiti Earthquake (sent to a mission founded by my grandmother)

– funds have supported the small businesses I believe in, including metal casters in New York and my favorite family run caster in Rhode Island

– profits from the business have helped to me to create new designs for the next 10 years

I look forward to the next year with you and will hopefully have some really exciting news!

Before we end the year, here are a few fun facts about me, Alicia, founder of Lingua Nigra

– my birthday is May 5th. I’m a Taurus and have a Type A personality

– I like coffee ice cream, but don’t like coffee (tea drinker all the way!)

– I’ve been going to school part and full time for the past 4 years to get my Bachelors Degree. I’m an English Major with a minor in Cultural Anthropology. Please don’t ask 1) when I’m graduating 2) what I’m going to do with it, because I just really like school!

– I’ve been fortunate enough to work as a jewelry design consultant for 3.5 years and have recently started working out of my studio, which is the best thing ever ( no bra and the bed is steps away? yes please!)

–  I rarely watch movies and prefer documentaries (I’m a realist!) (favorites : Paris is Burning, Pimps Up, Hoes Down)

– I talk to myself way too much, but don’t think it’s a bad thing, I like me.

– When I get tired of talking to myself I talk to my plants

– I want to start a Talking Heads 77 cover band. I will be the lead singer and we will only sing songs from this iconic album. 

– My favorite book of all time is Mama Day by Gloria Naylor (she also inspired me to go back to school for creative writing)

– Instead of making a linesheet for a museum, I made this list (I’m a major procrastinator!)

Anyway, I hope to see more of each of you in 2016. 

Happy Holidays



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