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Friday Favorites – Pieces I Just Adore (which is everything!)

Since I usually wear a ton of my jewelry when I’m out and about people stop to compliment me and when they do I tell them “Oh I love (fill in the piece of jewelry being worn) so much!”, then I have to stop myself, because of course I love it, I made it! From the outside, one would say, of course you love it, you should love everything you do! Yes, that is very true, but sometimes people are forced to make things that aren’t their style, just to make a buck. I’ve been fortunate to not have to do that so I can truly say I love every single piece of jewelry on this site. I love the jewelry I make. I adore the things that I believe strongly in even if they don’t sell as well as they should. I’m fortunate to say I design jewelry all day, every day, I make a living doing it and am in love with it.

The piece I’m featuring today is one of my absolute favorites (you’re going to hear that a lot!), the fang necklace. I reticulated metal and cut out a fang- like shape, as I had the boar’s horn necklace in mind from “Some Call it Courage”.  I thought, what if I was on an island and had to fend for myself? What would I do with all the bones and tusks from the wild animals? Oh, I’d fashion the dopest necklace ever, that’s what I would do! Adorned with genuine lapis and plated in 22kt gold, this necklace sits on the collar for an extra glow.


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